Security Fencing Essex

Security Fencing to protect your private property

Having security fencing is one of the most effective ways to keep trespassers out of your property, whether you’re looking to protect your stock or for health and safety reasons you will be sure we will have the right solution for you.

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Security Fencing That We Offer

We offer a range of fencing solutions, for more information see below.

General Purpose Fencing

Morse security can offer general purpose security fencing which adds a good level of security to your property

Perimeter Fencing

Perimeter security fencing is a great way to protect your property with the option of installing cameras and lighting to give you a great level of protection.

High Level Security Fencing

High level security is the top tier security fencing that we offer, from thermal imaging cameras, security lighting and barbed wire toppers you can be sure that you are well protected.


Stop Trespassing

Security fences are a great way to protect your property from unauthorised persons.


Protect the Vicinity

Fencing is designed to hard to climb and break through.


Compatible with Cameras & Lighting

Increase the level of security with thermal imaging cameras and security lights

General Purpose Security Fencing Essex

General Purpose Fencing

General purpose fencing is ideal for creating a deterrent which are extremely difficult to climb over giving you high protection from vandals and intruders.

General purpose fencing is a cost-effective security fencing solution and can be used with thermal imaging cameras and security lighting.


Perimeter Fencing

Morse Digital Security offer a wide range of perimeter fencing which is a cost effective fencing system that helps to protect your property from unauthorised access.

Typically perimeter fencing is used to stop tress-passing, identify property boundaries and protect your property. Speak with an expert today to discuss getting perimeter fencing installed for your home or business.

Perimeter Fencing Essex
High Security Fencing

High Level Security Fencing

When you’re looking for maximum security for your property, Morse Digital Security can install high security fencing for the ultimate security. You can install this fencing with thermal imaging cameras, security lighting and barbed wire toppers to deter any unauthorised persons entering the protected areas.


Enhance your security fencing

Take your security fencing to the next level with security accessories such as lighting and security cameras. See examples below

Security Light Installation Essex

Security Lighting

Add security lighting to your area to increase the visibility for cameras and personnel. Security lighting also acts as a good deterrent.

Thermal Camera

Security Thermal Cameras

Thermal imaging cameras detect movement in low visibility areas such as fog, smog, rain and snow and of course at night.