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Providing Home Safes in
Essex and the UK

Wondering how to safely keep all your personal belongings protected? Well, no need to worry we got the answer to all your problems at Morse Digital Security. We provide most types of safes from some of the leading manufacturers; we are one of the best safe providers in Essex. At Morse Security, we have an array of locks, safes and keys to pick from on our online store. There is a lot to pick from in order to find the perfect vault to keep documents, valuable items, or your money, safe. Protection is guaranteed of your passports and bills with maximum security.

Choosing the right home safe

No matter what you want to keep safe, there is a wide range of pin locked safes to pick from that are electronic, but they are not the only safes to choose from, there are key operated ones available as well.

To start off, incase of a fire, we offer safes that are highly protective due to their robust galvanized steel exterior. Not only are the designs diverse, but also offer an array of pricing points and sizes for wherever you are planning on installing a safe.

Floor safes can be used for the confidential documents requiring high-level security. Not only are there a variety of styles, but sizes are also available in order to blend perfectly with the flooring at home, or office.

There are home and office safes available to protect valuables and confidential information in times of attempted thefts, flood and even fire. Not to forget we got your backs, so you can sit back and relax without it constantly bothering you whether your valuables are protected at the office, or home.
Black Gloss Safe
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High tech safes for protection

If you are more into tech rather than the classic style key safe, then no need to worry because we offer a wide range of operated security systems that are electronic, which come with an emergency key incase of battery failure, or just forgetting the code. Moving with the times, here at Morse Security, we can provide tech savvy safe with a keypad to a touch screen user interface depending upon the level of security required.

  • Key
  • Fingerprint
  • Electronic
  • Fire Rated
  • Wall
  • Floor
  • Gun
  • Basic to Luxury
  • From £6000 Cash Rating
  • From Grade 0
  • From £470.00 RRP

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