Home Intruder Alarm Essex

Home Intruder Alarms Essex

The Ultimate Protection for Your Home

Whether you need a simple decoy sounder box on the outside of your house to deter burglars or you need a fully functioning security system we can advise on the best type of system to suit your needs and budget. We are also able to take over existing alarms and can connect the system to a central monitoring station for police response, or simply program ​it to ​​send ​a ​voice or text message to your mobile phone in the event of an alarm activation.
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Visual & Audible Deterrent

The Deltabell Plus is a fully backlit external sounder that will create an effective visual alarm on your property, as well as producing a distinctively audible warning when an alarm is triggered.
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Sabotage Protection

In case of any sabotage attempts, the Deltabell Plus has front and rear tamper protection.
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Status LEDs

The status LEDs flash alternatively to indicate the live operation of the bell box.
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Wireless LCD Keypad

With Ricochet Mesh Technology

Introducing a remarkable new wireless keypad from Texecom. The Premier Elite LCDLP-W is a fully functional, fully programmable wireless keypad with identical performance and capabilities of wired Premier Elite keypads.

Featuring Ricochet mesh technology, the Premier Elite LCDLP-W operates with a 5-year battery life and completes the range of ‘wire-free’ Premier Elite system options, offering faster installations and greater flexibility than ever before.

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Smoke Cloak

The ultimate deterrent
for your property

Most property loss occurs in the initial minutes of a break-in. Install Smoke Cloak on the premises and within seconds of a break-in, the protected area is filled with an impenetrable cloud of fog. This provides an effective barrier and forces the intruders to leave the premises.


Reduce losses by up to 95%

Currently securing billions of £s worth of stock in the UK.

The largest and the original, Security Fog manufacturer.

Developed and manufactured in the UK.

EN50131-8 compliant, manufactured to ISO9001.

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Home Intruder Alarm Essex FAQ

A home intruder alarm is a security system designed to detect unauthorised entry into your home. It typically includes sensors, a control panel, and an audible alarm or notifications to alert you and/or a monitoring service of a potential break-in.
Home intruder alarms provide an added layer of security to protect your home and loved ones from potential break-ins. Essex, like any other area, can have its share of security concerns, making an intruder alarm a valuable investment to protect your family and possessions.
There are various types of intruder alarms, including wired, wireless, and smart alarms. Wired alarms are hardwired into your home's electrical system, while wireless alarms use radio signals. Smart alarms can be controlled and monitored remotely using a smartphone app.
The cost of a home intruder alarm in Essex can vary widely depending on the type of system, features, and the provider you choose. Basic systems may start at a few hundred pounds, while more advanced systems with monitoring services can cost more.
While some DIY alarm kits are available, however, it's recommended to have a professional install your home intruder alarm system to ensure it functions correctly and provides optimal security.
Yes, some home insurance providers offer discounts for homes with security systems like intruder alarms. Be sure to inform your insurance company about your alarm system to see if you qualify for any discounts.

All Round Protection

The electronic components on the printed circuit board are protected by a fully sealed rubber gasket. The provides added protection in harsh environments and always gives you peace of mind that Deltabell Plus will always sound in the event of an alarm activation.