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Smart Control Systems

Latest Smart Control Systems

Paxton10 is based on powerful technology and has been designed to automatically upgrade as additional functionality is added over time. The architecture of the system has been designed with simplicity at its core. Paxton10 offers integrated functionality straight out of the box. Paxton10 uses inputs, like detecting a person or change in environment, to intelligently and automatically adjust security features and appliances for convenience and energy efficiency.

This includes aspects such as integrated access control and video management, control of devices such as heating and lighting, integration with fire and intruder alarms and identification of users through smart devices. The system is straightforward to set up and provides a scalable and resilient solution for a range of sites.

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Smart Control Systems

One Central Hub For Everything

Simple dashboards that allow you to control everything from one central location, with top of the range integration across the building, making our smart control systems the latest and most powerful systems on the market.

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