Business Alarm Monitoring Companies

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Leading Business Alarm Monitoring Companies Essex

Your alarm has been triggered, the bell box is sounding the alarm, but are you aware?​

Morse Digital Security is one of the leading Business Alarm Monitoring Companies in Essex.

Perhaps your Intruder Alarm sends you an SMS? Is your mobile phone switched on? Is the battery dead? Perhaps you’re in a meeting and your phone is on your desk? How can you be sure someone has gone to check your property?

A monitored system can possibly not only lower your insurance premiums but can also provide you with anything from a phone call to you and/or numbers of your choice or summon Police/Fire response to the property. Monitoring is often thought to be expensive and not viable on a budget. This is not the case and our engineers can advise on the best type of monitoring depending on your requirements and budget.

We provide Redcare and Digicom monitoring services

From Southern Monitoring Services Central Station. Southern Monitoring Services Ltd (SMS) is one of Europe’s largest and most comprehensive independent Alarm Receiving Centres (ARC) and Remote Video Receiving Centres (RVRC) with a customer base of over 1000 installers throughout the UK and Eire.

Not just monitoring Intruder alarms, Fire systems and CCTV; they can monitor anything – for example, medical, industrial and environmental alarms, lifts, scaffolding, lone workers, satellite tracking systems etc.


Are You Interested?

We can take over the maintenance and servicing of your existing systems and provide a round the clock reliable service.