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Commercial Intruder Alarm Systems

Local commercial intruder alarm systems

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Commercial intruder alarm systems can benefit all size businesses from banks to supermarkets and farms to factories, we can design, supply and install any type of security system to meet your specific requirements.
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Commercial Intruder Alarm

Whatever it is you require, rest assured our professional staff can provide confidential expert advice.

Some of the applications and customers we have installed these systems for include:

• Kings Place at Kings Cross
• Waitrose Supermarkets
• Asda Supermarkets
• London & Marlborough Property Management Services
• Transport For London Head Offices and Tube Stations
• Tower Hamlets Schools
• The Met Office
• The Diocese of London
• The Masonic Grand Lodge

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Commercial Intruder Alarms Systems FAQ

What is a commercial intruder alarm system?

A commercial intruder alarm system is a security system designed to protect businesses and commercial properties from unauthorised entry or intrusion. It typically consists of sensors, control panels, alarms, and monitoring services.

Why do I need a commercial intruder alarm system?

A commercial intruder alarm system helps deter and detect unauthorised access to your business premises, reducing the risk of theft, vandalism, and other security threats. It can also provide peace of mind for business owners and employees.

Can I monitor my intruder alarm system remotely?

Yes, many modern intruder alarm systems can be monitored remotely through smartphone apps or web interfaces. This allows you to check the status of your system and receive alerts when an alarm is triggered.

Do commercial intruder alarm systems come with professional monitoring services?

Some alarm systems offer professional monitoring services, where a monitoring centre watches over your property 24/7. They can dispatch authorities if an alarm is triggered. Others may be self-monitored, with alerts sent directly to you.

How can I choose the right commercial intruder alarm system for my business?

Consider factors like the size of your property, your budget, the level of security needed, and any specific requirements you may have. Consulting with a security professional can be beneficial in making an informed choice.

At Morse Digital Security we can assist in finding the right solution for you. Contact us here

What maintenance is required for these systems?

Regular maintenance, including testing sensors, ensuring power sources are functional, and updating software, is crucial to keep your intruder alarm system reliable. Professional maintenance is recommended.