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Security Light Installation Essex

Security Light Company Essex and London & Emergency Lighting

Morse Security provides complete Security Light Installation Essex and emergency lighting solutions by offering a vast diversity of products and professional reliable installation. We can plan and implement emergency lighting projects to any scale and size; whether a small office or a 10-floor office in London.

Security Lighting Examples…

Illuminated Fire Exit Signs, including wall-mounted signs, hanging signs and recessed signs for suspended ceilings.

Recessed emergency lighting for ceiling or wall recessing. Discreet look and low profile, while providing the emergency protection required by legislation.

We have compiled emergency lighting procedures and regulations documents detailing the legalities and placements of emergency lighting so you’re not left in the dark.
exit light 400x275 9180
Led Floodlight 20W PIR 400x333 5301

Full Control of Your Home Security Systems

Control your CCTVintruder alarm, access, lighting and more from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or home computer

A smartphone and a tablet with a remote control.