SanDisk Ultra Micro SD – 32GB & 64GB


SanDisk Ultra Micro SD is recommended by Morse Security for reliability and to securely store your footage from your dashcam or other cameras when you need it the most. We offer two storage sizes for you to choose from depending on your requirements.

32GB storage – Approximately 160 minutes of standard definition footage
64GB Storage – Approximately 320 minutes of standard definition footage

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Morse Security offers reliable storage using the reputable SanDisk Ultra Micro SD which is a small compact flash storage solution, ideal for storing your security video footage in clear definition. The SD cards come in both 32GB or the larger 64GB sizes to determine how much footage you can store at one time.

Reliable Storage

Having reliable storage is important to ensure you have the footage ready when it’s most needed.

Lightweight SD Card

The SanDisk Ultra Micro SD that comes in both the 32GB and 64GB version are lightweight and can be used in compact cameras without compromising on storage space. The more space you have the more footage your SD card can hold!

These Micro SD’s can fit into our dashcams.

Flexible Storage Solutions

SanDisk Micro SD isn’t just for dashcams and can be widely used for other devices such as mobile devices, tablets, digital cameras and more to give you a flexible and easy to use storage card that boasts reliability.

Technical Spec

  • Transfer speeds of 98MB per second.
  • Withstand temperatures of -40ºc to 85ºC
  • Load applications faster with performance class A1
  • Compatible with microSDXC and microSDHC supporting devices
  • Item weights only 9g

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