Pyronix Remote Fob


This Pyronix Remote Fob not only allows you to disarm your alarm but it can also be used as a panic alarm too. It controls your wired automation and gives a visual representation of the security system status. It’s also easily programmable to suit your security requirements such as blind, door and garage door control with a click of a button, all full encrypted using the Pyronix high security two-way wireless data encryption protocol (TDE).

The fobs can be easily added into your system as well as removed with the ability to add more than one Pyronix Remote Fob.


The Pyronix Remote Fob is an incredibly powerful and versatile key fob that comes from the highly reputable HikVision. This key fob can be added as part of your current system or as a replacement and can be simply added to work safely and securely with your current alarm system. Not only that, but the remote fob can also be used as a panic or distress signal which will alert the alarm system that you need help. EUR-023 Proximity Tag for Enforcer & Euro panels.


The Benefits of the Pyronix Remote Fob

  • 4 Buttons with different 8 Functions
  • A simple way to arm and disarm your system
  • Control wired automation outputs such as blinds,  gates and garage doors etc
  • Easily view your system status
  • Rolling code high-security encryption
  • Complies with EN50131-1
  • Battery life up to 2 years

Additional information

Pack Size

10, 50