Paxton Net2 Proximity fobs x 10


The Paxton Net 2 Proximity Fobs are lightweight and easy to use. Fobs can be programmed to and encoded to allow access to your system. Fobs can be purchased in packs of 10.

Part no. 695-644  


Paxton Net2 Proximity Fobs

Morse Security provides Paxton Net2 Proximity Fobs in packs of 10. These Paxton Net 2 keyfobs are fully compatible with all Net 2 card systems. These Net 2 keyfobs are encoded uniquely with an 8 digit number which is placed into the system and then the fob is ready to use.

The fob, when presented to the control unit, will read the fob and accept and display a green LED light and allow access to the building.

These fobs are small and lightweight and can be easily added to your keys, making losing your fob much harder. They work with a simple tap on the door system to gain access to a door or building.

  • The fob can work 2-8 feet away from a Paxton reader
  • No-battery design allows for unlimited usage or additional maintenance costs

Net2 Installation Services

If you’re looking to install a Net2 system in your building, take a look at our access control page for more information about the different systems and solutions that we offer completely bespoke to your requirements.

What is Paxton Net2? You can find more information on the Paxton website or give us a call on 01245 608239 to find out more