Paxton Net2 Pro Software


Paxton Net 2 Pro Software is a powerful software that can manage your access control from 50,000 users and 1,000 doors!

Part no. 930-010


What is the Paxton Net2 Pro Software used for?

Paxton Net 2 Pro Software has been created to run on a PC with a Windows operating system. You can find the list of compatible systems available here.

The Paxton Net2 Pro software is built to organise and report on up to 50,000 users and 1,000 doors. It can manage advanced features such as timesheets, timelines with the time management add-ons, fire alarm and multi-zone intruder alarm integration, security lockdown and anti-passback.

How to install the Paxton Net2 Pro Software

This has been designed to be simple to use and straightforward as possible. A simple installation wizard will guide through each step in the process to get you up and running. Each control unit has can be named according to their serial numbers which are printed with each unit. You can change these names to something a little more meaningful.

How to use it

Assign Net2 operators to your system, these operators will manage and control the software. You can give each user different user roles so specific access can be restricted where needed. Operators will require a unique login to access any software. The software prides itself on creating intuitive easy to use design which means little or no training is required.

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