Dummy Alarm Boxes + LED


The Morse Digital Security dummy alarm box is a fantastic deterrent from criminal activity.

Red/Black + Chrome Lid + Flashing LED + fixing kit + batteries all Inc

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Often the sight of an alarm box can be enough to deter most criminal activity, with the added LED light on our branded dummy boxes this gives the impression that the box is wired and active. This is a great cost-effective deterrent for those looking for a bit of added peace of mind day and night.

A dummy alarm boxes + LED is a false security alarm and looking like a fully functioning home security alarm. Whilst it’s advisable to have a professional security system install, this can be a cheaper solution.

This dummy alarm box can be easily installed on the outside of your home or commercial space in a visible space.

This comes in red and black with chrome lid and includes batteries and fixing kit

You may also want to put up stickers around your homes such as your back doors, windows and front doors.


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Black/Chrome, Red/Chrome