Burton Home Safe Grade 0


Burton Home Safe Grade 0 offers complete protection for your valuables, with a cash rating of £6,000 and jewellery rating of £60,000 you can protect your possessions with peace of mind.

The Burton Home Safe Grade 0 safe is available in 3 different sizes and can be customised with ultra secure keypad locking system



Burton Home Safe Grade 0 from Burtons Home Safe range has been independently attack tested and certified by ECBS to EN1143-1 Grade 0 by ECBS.

This safe comes kitted out with double-walled steel body and doors for super-strong protection – not only that, but it also has a super high-performance concrete on the interior for even more added protection. The safe will keep your valuables safe from fire for around 30 minutes

Burton Home Safe Grade 0

  • Double-walled steel body and body, filled with ultra-high performance concrete and armouring devices.
  • 30-minute fireproof protection for paperwork
  • Suitable for storage of prescription medicine and active ingredients exceeding 500g
  • Dual locking optional
  • Cable holes for alarm connection
  • Back & Base Fixing
  • Fixed Shelving Unit
  • Electronic Pin Code Lock

About Burton Safes

Burton aims to create the highest quality and comprehensive range of safes that meet the demands of home users and the insurance industry. They passionately believe in their products being tested and certified to the UK and European standards to ensure quality, consistency and reliable security levels.

They’re a proud founding member of the Eurosafe UK, a trade body that encourages the maintenance of high test standards and good practice.

Burton Safes are a UK based company situated in Yorkshire and each safe is handcrafted for one of the safest and high-quality safes on the market.

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Electronic Lock


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