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Morse Security has been installing CCTV from the HQ in Chelmsford, Essex for both businesses & homes for over 20 years. Chelmsford has a large population of both residential and businesses a like and with high population comes increased security risks.

Morse Security pride themselves on using the most cutting edge technology when it comes to CCTV installation in Chelmsford.

CCTV systems can be seen everywhere, they act not only to provide useful evidence but also offer a deterrent against unwanted guests.
Chelmsford has a rate of approx 12,000 burgaries a year and a similar number for shoplifting in the area. Find out burgary figures here

We provide a range of different CCTV options from basic standalone systems to large networked systems. Having gained trust and reputation over the years, we are considered one of the top CCTV installers in Chelmsford and beyond.

CCTV Installation Chelmsford

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The most common CCTV security system is called an IP CCTV system. This means you can keep and eye on your property from your mobile device anywhere in the world, from your laptop, PC, tablet or mobile device, anywhere you have a internet connection.

Streaming footage in crystal clear HD, with a user-friendly interface to allow you to clear and easily monitor your property or assets.
We work with trusted brands of CCTV to ensure high-quality and trustworthy equipment that meets our standards. To name a few: Samsung, Qvis, HIK Vision, Axis & Redvision.
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Different types of
home CCTV solutions

Irrespective of what budget you have for your home security or specific requirements, there is an appropriate security solution available. Our team of proficient CCTV technicians will provide support in installing a wide range of camera models and systems, guaranteeing your peace of mind.
Cube Cam


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ColorVu by HikVision


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Our Installation Process

CCTV Supplied

We work with you to find you the perfect solution for your needs to help protect your property

Install CCTV

Professionally installed CCTV systems in and around Essex from one of our experts.

CCTV Maintenance

We offer a CCTV maintenance package to ensure that you’re always protected