Paxton Net2 Proximity ISO Cards


The Paxton Net2 Proximity ISO Cards are compatible with Net2 security access control systems.

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Once your Paxton Net2 Proximity ISO Cards are programmed into your software you’re ready to go! All you need to do is present the token to a reader, the access permissions will instantaneously get looked up and grant the user access or deny to the appropriate access. This makes the Paxton Net2 systems so simple to use for everyone.

Paxton uses a technology called Hitag2, what that means is encoding includes an authentication protocol in the form of a password transfer between the token and your reader, which gives you peace of mind that you have an additional layer of security for your system.

If you want to find a little more about the Proximity ISO card, you can download the official Paxton Net2 Proximity PDF here.

How to install a Paxton Net2 Proximity ISO Card

To issue a token you require the user’s details using the PC software. You can then enter the token number by presenting the card. to the desktop reader.

Installing Paxton Net2 Systems

At Morse Digital Security we are armed with the expertise to help you install leading security systems from Paxton. Speak with one of our experts today to discuss setting and installation service for your access control for your home or access control for your business

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